Mould Release Agent for Silicone Moulds

Buy Silicone Mould Release Agent. Ready-to-use silicone-free mould release agent in aerosol form, especially suitable for cold mould release of plastics, rubbers and rubber. The order is made directly through the Web following the steps indicated.

Can 520ml, net content 400ml. Ready-to-use, silicone-free release agent in aerosol form, especially suitable for the cold demoulding of plastics, rubber and rubber. It is also highly effective as an anti-adhesive for welding and as a polish for all types of plastic surfaces. Due to its special silicone-free repaintable formulation, it is excellent for the detachment of parts to be coated, plated, painted or bonded.


COLOUR (content) Slightly yellowish translucent liquid
These data do not in any way represent technical product specifications.


It is used directly on the mould or part to be treated from about 30 cm, applying a thin and homogeneous layer. For a better performance of the release agent, it is recommended to degrease and clean the mould beforehand.

Request the product documentation (Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet) through one of the through one of the following ways contact


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