Polyacrylamide (Cationic)

Cationic polyacrylamide Hyfloc XT343. White granular solid. Available in different quantities. See more information in the product description or technical data sheet.

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Cationic polyacrylamide powder.

Appearance White granular solid
Ionic character Cationic
Low Ionicity
Density ~ 0.80 g/cm3
Solids > 88%
Viscosity at 0.3% 150-250 cp
High Molecular Weight


Useful in a wide range of applications. Provides excellent results in sludge dewatering processes, especially in centrifuges. Effective over a wide pH range. It can work alone or in combination with other products commonly used in water treatment, such as: alumina sulphate, aluminium polychloride, ferric chloride, polyamine, lime, etc. In this combination, if an anionic flocculant is subsequently used, a more complete and resistant flocculation is obtained (dual treatment).

Suitable for applications with high flocculant consumption. Especially useful in effluent treatments where separation must be carried out by decantation. Product free of solvents and surfactants, with very low content of volatile organic compounds.


It is recommended to prepare solutions at a concentration between 0.1% and 0.5%. For correct dissolution, we recommend using a venturi effect dispenser to effectively disperse the product in water. After the first few minutes of strong agitation, 45-60 minutes of slow agitation will be necessary to complete the dissolution. The stability of the product solution depends on several factors (quality of the water used, pH, temperature, concentration, etc.). It is recommended to prepare the solution and consume it within the following hours. A loss of viscosity of the solution indicates that the solution is degraded. In this situation the solution is still useful, although it must now be overdosed to achieve the desired effect. The optimum dosage point depends on the application and should be determined on site.


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Polyacrylamide (Cationic) Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS:    EN             
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