Aluminium Oxide

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Aluminium oxide is also known as alumina and together with silica, it is the most important component in the constitution of clays and glazes. Aluminium oxide gives clays their strength.


Name: Aluminium Oxide
Chemical formula: Al2O3
CAS: 1344-28-1
EC: 215-691-6

  • Physical state at 20ºC: Solid
  • Density at 20ºC: 3940 kg/m3
  • Relative density at 20ºC: 3.94
  • Melting point/freezing point: 2045ºC
  • Flash point: Non-flammable (>60ºC)


  • Ceramic enamel








Product Ref. Document
Aluminium Oxide ALQ0083 Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS:    EN    EN      &nbsp  
Aluminium Oxide ALQ0083 Technical specifications
You can also see the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of all products in this section: MSDS
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