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Isopropanol is a high purity solvent with more than 99.9%. It goes by other names such as isopranol, propanol and API. Its texture is like that of any other alcohol, but when it is at very low and extremely cold temperatures it is noticeably thicker and denser. It has different functions, for the cleaning of certain objects, such as electronic equipment, as a disinfectant, especially as a hydro-alcoholic gel containing some % of it, it is also used to kill pests. In addition it is also used in the automotive industry, as it is one of the additives that are added to the fuel, in the industries of this sector is often used, in addition to remove grease and oil from surfaces, machinery and tools. Find different formats of Isopropyl Alcohol in Alquera. If you have any questions please contact us.


Name: Isopropyl Alcohol
Content >99,8%
Synonyms: IPA, Isopropanol, Sec-Propanol, Dimethyl carbinol, Secondary propyl alcohol, Propan-2-ol.
CAS: 67-63-0
EC: 200-661-7

  • Appearance (20 ºC): Colourless liquid
  • Odour: Characteristic of alcohol
  • Olfactory threshold: 22 - 200 ppm
  • Melting point: - 90 ºC
  • Boiling point: 83 ºC
  • Flash point: 12 ºC
  • Flammability (solid / gas): 12 ºC
  • Explosive limits: Lower: 2 % ,Upper: 12 %
  • Vapour pressure (20 ºC): 4.4 kPa
  • Vapour density (air=1) (20 ºC): 2.1
  • Density (20 C): 0.787 g/cm3
  • Solubility in water: Soluble
  • Partition coefficient n-octanol/water (25 ºC):0.05
  • Auto-ignition temperature: 399 - 455.6 °C
  • Viscosity, dynamic(20 ºC): 2.3cP
  • Explosive properties: Non-explosive
  • Oxidising properties: Non-combustive


  • Substance manufacture - Industrial
  • Formulation and (re)conditioning of substances and mixtures - Industrial
  • Coating Uses -Industrial / Professional / Consumer
  • Use in Cleaning Agents - Industrial / Professional / Consumer
  • Use in Oilfield Drilling and Exploitation Operations - Industrial
  • Use in Lubricants - Industrial / Professional / Consumer
  • Use in Metalworking fluids / rolling oils - Industrial / Professional
  • Use as Expansion Agents - Industrial
  • Use as binders and release agents - Industrial / Professional
  • Use in Agrochemicals - Professional / Consumer
  • Fuel use - Industrial/ Professional / Consumer
  • Use as functional fluids - Industrial / Professional / Consumer
  • De-icing and anti-freeze applications -Professional/Consumer
  • Uses Construction and road applications - Professional
  • Laboratory use - Industrial / Professional
  • Manufacture and use of explosives - Professional
  • Rubber production and processing - Industrial
  • Uses Polymer Processing - Industrial / Professional
  • Water treatment agent - Industrial / Professional
  • Water Treatment Chemicals - Consumer
  • Uses Mining industry - Industrial
  • End use of cosmetic products - Cosmetic application for cosmetic/pharmacological grade only - Consumer





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Isopropyl Alcohol ALQ093 Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS:    EN          &nbsp  
Isopropyl Alcohol ALQ093 Technical specifications
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