Mycorrhizae in Tablets

Buy Mycorrhizae in tablets. Natural biological fertiliser suitable for use in fruit trees, vines, horticultural and ornamental plants. Formats of 10, 50 and 500 tablets. See more details in the product description. You can also buy mycorrhizal powder

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Buy Mycorrhizae in 10, 50 or 500 tablets. Natural biological fertilizer suitable for use in fruit trees, vines, horticultural and ornamental plants. Fertilizer with Microorganisms. Beneficial microorganisms to boost the plant from the root.

A combination of indigenous fungal species is used in its formulation (Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae) natural plant-derived components to aid compaction of the formulation and a super water-absorbing agent. Formulation specifically designed for practical and rapid mycorrhization on nursery or field plants (on established plants or during transplanting).


TRANSPLANTS: Apply one tablet per hole before transplanting. Water abundantly with plain water without fertiliser during the first week after transplanting to encourage mycorrhization.


ESTABLISHED PLANTS: Bury a tablet in the soil so that it is in direct contact with the roots.

The tablets will disintegrate with soil moisture but if irrigation is possible it will facilitate the process. The mycorrhizae Once introduced, it is not necessary to reapply them as the fungus will grow in the soil generating mycelium and colonising the roots; the most important thing is that they tolerate very low doses of fertiliser, if possible it is better not to fertilise.


  • Boosts the root system: Mycorrhizae create a symbiosis with the plant's roots to develop a stronger root system, thereby increasing the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water.
  • Balanced growth.
    A mycorrhizal crop grows in a balanced way, providing the plant with greater health and resistance to any type of adversity.
  • Stimulates the plant.


> 1000 propagules/cc


The product is in the form of spores, vesicles and mycelial fragments supported by inert inorganic substrates, organic matter and compressing agents.


Volume of product per unit: 7cc
Unit weight: 5g
Odour: earth
Dry matter: 96%
pH in water (1:5): 6.5-7
N(total): 0.4 %MS (Dry Matter)
P2O5: 0.5 % MS
Exchangeable K2O: 0.5 % MS
Organic matter: 12 % DM


Depending on the volume of the root ball, 1-5 tablets are used. For containers up to 3 L, one tablet is used, for containers up to 10 L, two tablets, and for containers up to 25 L, three tablets should be used.

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Mycorrhizae in Tablets ALQ0067 Technical specifications
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