Natural Zeolite

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Natural zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin, with a very high cation exchange capacity (260 meq/gr), the highest on the market. It is capable of selectively retaining ammonium NH4+ and potassium K+ ions within its crystalline structure, and then gradually exchanging them to the roots of the crop. As a substrate it is excellent as it increases water and nutrient retention in the soil, reducing water and fertiliser consumption and keeping the soil in ideal conditions for good plant growth. 

In swimming pools it can be used as a high capacity filter medium, as it removes solid particles down to 5 microns. It is the only filter medium that also removes ammonia and heavy metals. 

In the home, it can be used to absorb moisture and odours in enclosed spaces such as cupboards, fridges, cars, boats and basements.

As for pets, it is ideal to  for use as cat litter and is excellent for bird and hamster cages. It is also used in aquariums to control ammonium levels.

- Specific gravity : 0,88 Kg/Litre
- Relative humidity :  0 to 1 %.
- Granulometry : 98 % between 0.7 and 1.7 mm in diameter.

Oven-dried product at high temperatures to ensure constant density and moisture content.

Product Ref. Document
Natural Zeolite ALQ0057 Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS:    EN          &nbsp  
Natural Zeolite ALQ0057 Technical specifications
You can also see the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of all products in this section: MSDS
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