Paraffin Wax for Candles

Buy candle wax, melting point 56, in 1kg and 5kg formats. The format of the paraffin is in pearls and is ideal for the manufacture of candles. The order is made following the steps indicated on the Web.

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Paraffin wax for candles 56 in beads. Paraffin wax 56º is a low melting point paraffin wax (56ºC). It is a paraffin that stands out for being elastic and very shiny. It is ideal for easy candle making.


To make the candles with paraffin you will have to melt the paraffin and insert it into the mould where you are going to make the candles. The paraffin beads are melted over a low heat in a saucepan, avoid using the microwave. Once the paraffin is melted, if there are any unmelted pieces, turn off the heat and let it finish melting with the latent heat.

Once it is melted you can add colouring and perfume to give it the colour and smell you want.


Solidification point (according to ASTM D 938) : 55 - 59 ºC
Kinematic Viscosity at 100ºC (according to ASTM D 445): 3 - 5 cSt
Penetration at 25ºC (according to ASTM D 1321): 1/10 mm 18 max. cSt
Oil content (according to ASTM D 721): ,5 max. % 0
Saybolt colour (according to ASTM D 156) --- 24 - 30


- Manufacture of candles, candlesticks, candlesticks by dip moulding, moulding, or injection moulding
- It is a product used for the manufacture of worked decorative figurines, as well as for the
wick coating


Protect from heat, water, dust and light. Temperature and humidity do not affect the safety of the product, but may affect its presentation and physical state. It is recommended to store in cool and dry places, at a temperature between 5ºC and 25ºC. Under normal storage conditions the product keeps perfectly for 2 years.

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