pH-measuring strips from 0 to 14 pH - 1 (DF®)

Buy pH test strips, 0-14 (DF®), interval of 1. You can buy 1 box of 100 strips or 10 boxes of 100 strips. The order is made directly through the Web following the steps indicated, and the delivery arround Europe is made in 4-5 days with UPS. In case you have any doubt please contact us.

  • Delivered by UPS .
  • Place your order now and receive it in 4-5 days
  • pH-measuring strips, 0-14 (DF®), range 1.
  • Very good value for money, obtaining a very tight pH measurement in the range of 1.
  • Each box contains 100 measuring strips. By buying 1 unit you are buying a box of 100 units.
  • Immerse the strip in the liquid to be measured and compare with the standard colour chart to determine the pH.
Request the product documentation (Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet) through one of the through one of the following ways contact


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