Funnel Borosilicate Glass LBG 3.3

Short branch funnel. Made of borosilicate glass LBG 3.3 and designed according to ISO 4798.

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Short branch funnel. Made of borosilicate glass LBG 3.3 and designed according to ISO 4798.


Upper Ø(mm)- 75mm/90mm
shank (mm) 75,mm/90mm
Shank Ø (mm) 8mm/10mm


Borosilicate glass 3.3 is a glass with minimal silica content.
It is practically free of magnesium, lime and zinc and contains only traces of heavy metals.
Chemical composition:
81% by weight SiO2
13,0% by weight of B2O3
4% by weight of Na2O
Thermal properties:
Coefficient of linear expansion: 32,5 x10-7 º C
Maximum working temperature : 515 º C
Annealing temperature: 565 º C
Softening temperature: 820 º C
Specific heat: 0,2
Thermal conductivity (cal/cm3 / º C / sec): 0.0027
Chemical Resistance:
This glass is highly resistant to water, neutral and acidic solutions, concentrated acids and their mixtures, as well as to
chloride, bromine, iodine, and organic solvents. Even during long periods of exposure and at higher temperatures
at 100°C, its chemical resistance exceeds that of most metals and other materials.
It can withstand repeated dry and wet sterilisation without surface deterioration and consequent
contamination. Resistant to attack by various chemicals. Only hydrofluoric acid, very hot phosphoric acid
and alkaline solutions with increasing concentration and temperature, increasingly attack the glass surface.

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