Artificial Snow

Particularly at Christmas time, the artificial snow plays a fundamental role in decorations and the creation of special scenes with that cosy and homely touch that snow gives. In you will find the following types of artificial snow that you can see below. Click on each of them to see the details. Orders are placed directly within each product, following the steps indicated. Shipments are made within 24/48h from order confirmation.

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Buy artificial snow through the Alquera website. The order is made directly through this website, clicking on the product and choosing the format and size you need. Shipments are made in 24/48h in the Peninsula, 4-5 days for Europe with UPS.


We have 5 different types of artificial snow, depending on the space you want to decorate.

  • The magic snow which is a polymer, in the form of water, which when absorbed creates a very realistic look of artificial snow. You can see all the information inside the product.
  • The Christmas tree snow is a snow that comes in powder form and is used to cover Christmas trees with snow. You can see inside the product all the information.
  • The snow for display decoration is the more conventional snow, they are polyethylene shavings, very realistic looking and ideal for a small nativity scene or to cover a small area with snow.
  • The snow blanket is a polyester blanket for easy covering of large surfaces. It is also often used under the Christmas tree.
    You will be able to see more details of the snow inside each product, as well as photographs.



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