Mycorrhizal Powder

Buy Mycorrhizae Powder in packs of 100g up to 500g. The price of the different formats of Mycorrhizae Powder can be seen when you select the format you want. The order is made directly through the Web following the steps indicated, . The delivery arround Europe is made in 4-5 days with UPS. In case you have any doubt please contact us. You can also buy mycorrhizae in tablets 

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What is Mycorrhizal Powder?

It is a natural product consisting of propagules of endomycorrhizal fungi mixed with organo-mineral substrates. It comprises natural plant-derived compounds and a super water-absorbing agent.

General characteristics and mode of action

It is a well thought-out formula for rapid fungal practice on plants in the nursery or field (on established plants or during transplanting). Some of the benefits to plants include: improved uptake of water and minerals from the soil, increased survival, increased resistance and/or tolerance to soil pathogenic determinants, as well as water and salt stress. Other benefits include increasing the plant's root system and reducing water and fertiliser inputs.


It is formulated for all crops grown in the field or nursery.

Mix the product well with the water used for watering and fertilising plants. After application, water gently to complete the absorption of the product. One percent of the product is insoluble in water, so filters smaller than 150 micrometres in size should be removed from the irrigation system to avoid clogging.


  • Horticultural nursery plant: 0.2-0.4 g.
  • Plant 1 year: 1g .
  • Plant 2-5 years 2 g.
  • Plant 10-20 years 4 g/plant.
  • Monumental trees: 10g/plant
Request the product documentation (Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet) through one of the through one of the following ways contact
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