Disposable Gown XS- 3 pcs.

Disposable Polypropylene Gown Size S - 3 units. See Technical characteristics in the product description.


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Disposable Polypropylene Gowns Size S - 3 pcs.

Technical characteristics of disposable polypropylene gowns:

- Made of Polypropylene non-woven fabric.

- With pockets.

- Elasticated cuffs.

- Antistatic

- It does not release particles.

The disposable polypropylene gowns for Industrial use provide a protective barrier against splashes of solids and liquids while preventing contamination of areas.

The disposable gowns are lightweight and comfortable, the collar is adjustable, cuffs are soft-fitting, durable and breathable.

These disposable gowns are used for cleanroom visits in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories as well as in the food industry and other industries.

Suitable for weighing volatile dusts in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and to protect work clothes.

Request the product documentation (Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet) through one of the through one of the following ways contact


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