Animals that grow with water. Pack of 10

Buy a Pack of 10 Animals that grow with water. These animals are made of a super water-absorbent material, forming part of the superabsorbent polymers. Just leave them in water for 3 days and you will see how they have grown. Thanks to their fun colours and shapes, children will love them. In each pack there are 10 units (10 animals, the type of animal is random, although you can leave us in comments when ordering if there is any special animal you are interested in and we will do our best to include it in the pack.


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Pack of animals that grow with water.
This pack of animals are made from a super absorbent polymer, which grow up to 10 times their size when placed in water. It takes 3 days for them to grow. Once they have grown and absorbed the water, if left without water they return to their original size and can be used again.

These animals should be left in water for 3 days until they reach their maximum size. In this picture you can see it


In this video from the children's experiments channel you can see the practice of growing animals with children.

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