Borax Booster Detergent

The borax is a chemical product, which is presented in the form of a white powder, which among some of its characteristics is that it enhances the effect of washing machine detergent. All you need to do is add half a cup of borax as a detergent to your usual washing machine load to achieve the effects described below:

What is borax

Borax is a chemical product in the form of a white powder. Its chemical formula is Na2B4O7-10H2O, and can be found naturally in nature.

Why use Borax as a detergent?

Borax will boost the power of your detergent. Simply put half a cup of borax along with the clothes in the washing machine and add your regular detergent, and it will boost the washing of the next wash:

1. Bleach clothes

When mixed with water, borax has the property of converting part of the water molecules into hydrogen peroxide, which is a great oxidant that allows the removal of very difficult stains such as blood or wine stains. It is applied by adding half a cup of borax to the washing machine load.

borax linen

2. Powerful anti-stain action of the detergent

It can also be applied separately directly to the stain. A borax paste is made with water and applied to the stubborn stain.

borax detergent

3. Maintains the pH of the water at ideal values for cleaning.

Borax has an alkaline character, while maintaining the pH of the water at around 8. It helps to remove hardness from the water, making it more suitable for washing. Just add half a cup of borax to the normal wash load and add detergent as usual. It combines effect 1 (stain removal through the active oxygen provided by the hydrogen peroxide) with the effect of maintaining an ideal pH for cleaning.

4. Neutralises odours in the washing machine and laundry.

Borax is a natural deodorant for both dampness odours in the washing machine (e.g. fungus fungus, which often occurs in damp areas) and strong odours in clothes. It works by eliminating damp fungi as well as strong odours in nappies, or the strong odours of perspiration common in humans.

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    1. Hello, yes, it can be used to make slime. At a ratio of approximately 15 grams per 1.5L of water (10g/l) it should work perfectly.

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