Rock Alum crystallisation #Exp10

In this experiment you can see how beautiful crystals are formed from a powdered element. You can see in the description the details of what the kit contains.


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  • 1kg Rock Alum
  • Does not include: Cups, Thread, Dye and Glass Wand, which you will have to buy in a shop.


We show you the detailed step by step video:


  • We will use 250g of Alum and 250ml of water. Heat and mix until completely dissolved.
  • Pour the solution into a glass. (If you want to colour the glass, add the colouring at this step).
  • Place the thread on a rod (or similar) so that it falls over the glass.
  • In 30-40 minutes you will start to see crystals forming. After a few hours the crystal will continue to grow.


Crystallisation is the process by which crystals are created from a powdered element. The basis of crystallisation is the greater solubility of an element at a higher temperature than at a lower temperature. As the solution cools, the solubility of the alum decreases and the crystal forms around the wire.

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