Properties Hydrogel

Hydrogel is a polymer with a high water absorption capacity. Increasingly used for its water saving capacity, in this section you can see the physical and chemical characteristics of hydrogel.

The technical characteristics of the hydrogel for plants you can find in Alquera are the following: 

Other namesHydrogel, Potassium Polyacrylate, Solid Rain, Water Gel
CAS number25608-12-2
AppearanceCrystals 1-2mm white
Bulk density (ml/g)0,56
Potassium content10,8%
Absorption (distilled water) g/g400-800
Absorption (tap water) g/g>100
Water available for plants95%
Cycles of use>18
ConservationIn a dry place away from light


También puedes descargar el dossier técnico completo del hidrogel


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