Properties Sodium Polyacrylate

The technical characteristics of the sodium polyacrylate you can find in Alquera are the following: 

Other names Sodium Polyacrylate
Chemical formula The monomer from which it is formed has the formula -CH2CH(CO2Na)-, -CH2CH(CO2Na)-, -CH2CH(CO2Na)- and -CH2CH(CO2Na)-.
CAS number  9003-04-7
Appearance White granular powder
Particle size 150-850um
Density  550-750g/l
Humidity <5%
pH (in water 0,9%NaCl) 6+-0,5
Water Absorption (0,2% NaCl) >80g/g
Water Absorption (0.9% NaCl) >40g/g
Water Retention (0.2% NaCl) >50g/g
Water Retention (0.9% NaCl) >30g/g



As indicated in the table, sodium polyacrylate absorbs more than 80 grams of water per gram of polyacrylate for water of salinity 0.2%, which corresponds to normal tap water. 

As it absorbs water it acquires the texture of a gel, solid enough to be kept inside a container when turned upside down, but easily mouldable. You can play with the texture of the gel by adding more or less water. The less water you add to the sodium polyacrylate, the drier the texture. For 40 grams water/1 gram sodium polyacrylate, you will get a snow-like texture. Sodium polyacrylate is used as a base for making decorative artificial snow for this purpose. In Alquera we have a sodium polyacrylate based product for this purpose: artificial snow


From baby nappies to science experiments, you can see all the uses of sodium polyacrylate here: Uses sodium polyacrylate

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Sodium Polyacrylate

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