Uses Boric Acid

The boric acid or trioxoboric acid, is an acid with the chemical formula H3BO3. It is a compound derived from the boron atom. Boric acid is found in nature, in small quantities and mainly in volcanic areas. It can also be obtained from other minerals, such as borax and boracite, through chemical processes. It is a white crystalline powder, found in seawater, trees and fruits. We might ask ourselves the question: what is boric acid used for?  The main uses and applications of boric acid are as follows

Main uses and applications of boric acid:


As an insecticide it is very effective for insect control in the house, especially in the kitchen, to eliminate cockroaches. Here you can see how to get rid of cockroaches with boric acid. Also used is the boric acid to eliminate termitesants, fleas etc. Care should be taken when storing in the home, for children and pets.


Industry is where the boric acidhas the widest application, its main use is in the manufacture of fibreglass, a product used in the manufacture of a large number of products. Due to its physico-chemical characteristics, it is also used in jewellery, fire extinguishers, welding, dynamite, cleaning agents and soaps, ceramics, porcelain, nuclear industry, etc.

Other applications:

Boric acid also has different types of applications, such as the treatment of wood, to prevent damage caused by fungi and insects. Its combination with mineral and vegetable oils makes it an excellent lubricant. In the metallurgical industry, it is used for alloys, treatment and hardening of metals such as iron, steel, aluminium, etc. In the chemical industry, it has many applications, mainly as a pH regulator as it is considered a mild acid. It is also widely used in household cleaning, it is very good for ceramics and tiles, as a bleach in washing clothes, and cleaning kitchen accessories.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula of boric acid is H3BO3. Its CAS number is 100043-35-3 and its density is 1.435g/cm.3

Not to be confused with Borax

Boric acid is often confused with borax. Although both are compounds whose main element is boron, they should not be confused. In this section we show you some characteristics of Borax.

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