Oxalic Acid Floor Polishing

Marble, granite, terrazzo or any polished stone floors provide unparalleled beauty and elegance to any building. They are very durable floors, but as time goes by, they suffer wear and tear, mistreatment, scratches and stains, which need to be treated. It is necessary to carry out a polishing of these floorsespecially in marble and granite.

Because of the hardness of these materials, polishing processes are difficult, the oxalic acid will help you for this polishing task, being a very economical and easy to apply product. Here we explain the use of oxalic acid for floor polishing.


Marble is one of the most valued materials in the decoration of a house. The marble is very elegant and luminous. It should be noted that although it is a great material, it is also very porous. Porosity means that it is capable of absorbing many substances, losing its shine. It is therefore important to clean them frequently, and to take special care of them regularly.

Marble should not be cleaned with an abrasive product such as bleach, as this could damage it. And it should be kept as dry as possible. After mopping, it should be dried thoroughly to keep it dry. A coat of wax should be applied to minimise porosity. Every 4-5 years it is recommended to polish the marble floor. One of the products used to polish marble floors is oxalic acid. In the following section we tell you how to polish floors with oxalic acid.


  1. For the cleaning of a marble floor with oxalic acid (as with any other acid), start by removing grease, wax, or any other dirt from the floor. For this you can use commercially available anti-grease cleaning products. Clean especially in the areas where the greatest number of people pass by, at the edges where grease and dirt accumulate, and under furniture that has been in the same place for a long time.

cleaning marble floors first step


2. If the damage to the floor is not extensive and you only need to highlight the existing polish, the entire polishing process can be done by hand. Use very fine 00 steel wool and circular movements. You only need to add the oxalic acid together with a little water and start sanding the damaged areas.

If the floor has a lot of wear and stains, it is best to use an automatic polisher.

polishing floors with oxic acid

3. Rinse and clean with water to remove residues.

4. To finalise the work of floor polishing, marble, stone, etc.... ,... , a special polishing product must be applied.

Maintenance of marble and granite floors.

It is important to carry out maintenance work to ensure that the oxalic acid polish lasts for a long time. For this purpose, it is only necessary to clean the dust regularly, and avoid using lemon or vinegar. In case of spillage of any liquid or substance, it should be cleaned up immediately as marble and granite floors are porous and liquids can penetrate very easily.

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