Uses of Borax

The boraxalso known as sodium borate, or sodium tetraborate, is a salt of boron and has the chemical formula Na2B4O7-10H2O. It is one of the chemical products with the greatest number of small applications, both at domestic and industrial level. It is presented in the form of fine grain or powder, in white colour.

Uses of Borax

We will detail not only what borax is, but also what it is used for, its uses and applications:

  • DetergentIt is a great detergent booster. It has stain removal properties and keeps the pH of the water at an optimal level for cleaning. Read more about its use as a detergent.
  • CleaningBorax can be your great ally as a complement to the cleaning of your home. It can be used for odour removal, stain removal, tile cleaning, cleaning the tiles, more.
  • Eliminate Odours: You can use it diluted in water as a room freshener or as a powder directly on carpets, or areas where you want to eliminate odours.
  • Soldering SilverBorax is commonly used as a flux for silver, here you can read how to prepare your borax flux for soldering.
  • Slime: Making a slime is one of the most popular experiments being done today. There are several ways to make a slime, with glue, shaving foam, ..... Without any doubt the best way to make a slime is with the use of Borax. Read how to make a slime. In recent times chemical snow powder is also being added to make a cloud slime.
  • Borax crystals: Another well-known experiment with children is the making of crystals. Borax increases its solubility by heating the liquid in which it is contained, and as it cools it crystallises, creating fun chemical crystals. Read how to make crystals.

Chemical Formula

Its chemical formula is Na2B4O7-10H2O, hence the name sodium tetraborate or simply sodium borate. Other physico-chemical characteristics would be:

Appearance white
Density 1730 kg/m31.73 g/cm3
Molar mass 381.4 g/mol
Melting point 1014 K (741 °C)

Borax is sometimes confused with borax. boric acidThe two products are complementary, easily obtainable from each other, but should not be confused as they are not the same product.

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