Activated Charcoal Pellets

Buy Active Charcoal in Pellets, in 1kg and 25kg bag format. You can see the price of the different formats of Active Charcoal Pellets when you select the format you want. The order is made directly through the Web following the steps indicated, . The delivery arround Europe is made in 4-5 days with UPS. In case you have any doubt please contact us.

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EcoSorbTM GXB is a pelletised activated carbon suitable for the removal of a
wide range of organic contaminants in the vapour phase. The predominance of micropores ensures effective removal of low molecular weight contaminants, even in low concentrations. The shape of the activated carbon offers exceptional hardness and durability.
This activated carbon is suitable for use in the purification of inert gases, e.g. carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

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