Fluorescence - Fluorescence Fluorescence Liquid Making Kit. #Exp1

This kit contains the necessary elements to carry out the experiment to make a fluorescent liquid. You can see in the description the details of what the kit contains.


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This kit contains the necessary elements to perform the experiment to make a fluorescent liquid (see video below).

The materials contained in the kit are:

  • Beaker - Glass 250ml
  • Stainless steel spatula
  • Ultraviolet light - 9 LED lamp
  • Fluorescein sodium - 20 grams

You can see how the experiment was carried out in this video:

It is necessary to treat these elements with extreme care, it is necessary to read carefully the indications (attached below in the download area of each material). Do not touch with your hands or inhale at any time.

Experiment to make fluorescent liquid step by step

Step 1

Take the beaker provided in the kit, and fill it with water. Preferably distilled water with 1 drop of ammonia (this is where the fluorescein emits its best). You can also use tap water without ammonia.

Step 2

With the spatula, take a few fluorescein powders, and introduce them

Step 3

With the ultraviolet light, illuminate the solution, and be surprised by the effect you will achieve. Take the opportunity to perform the experiment in a dark room, to see the effect even more brightly.


Fluorescein fluoresces most when the pH is 8, so we recommend using 1 drop of ammonia in the solution (it will increase the pH slightly). Although using tap water will be perfectly fine, if you want to measure the pH of the solution, you can check our pH test strips.

Don't just make a fluorescent liquid, use your imagination to create other fluorescent objects. You can also use hydrogel (by introducing them into the liquid) and create fluorescent crystals.

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