Aluminium Sulphate for Water Potabilisation

The Aluminium Sulphate is a chemical product widely used in the treatment of drinking water.

The water purification process is a complex process with different steps, from purity agglutination, filtration and disinfection. In order to bind the impurities, a flocculant is needed, i.e. a material that is able to attract the impurities and then precipitate them to the bottom of the container.

Aluminium Sulphate Flocculant

Flocculants are products or chemicals that remove turbidity from water. Flocculants bind suspended solids in water, causing them to precipitate. Metals and substances that are harmful for human consumption are precipitated. For example iron, which gives the water a characteristic unpleasant taste and a reddish appearance. Aluminium sulphate is a commonly used product as a flocculant.

water purification

In the purification chain, flocculants are added to the flow in the channel from the pump to the settling tank. In this channel, the water is intimately mixed with flocculant chemicals. In this way, floccules are formed, and as they get bigger, they will precipitate to the bottom of the decanter. Subsequently, the flocculated sludge is removed through a hopper.
Subsequent filtering and disinfection processes must then be carried out to leave the water in optimum conditions for human consumption.
The flocculation process is not only used for the purification of drinking water, but also as a flocculant for swimming pools: pool flocculantfor their preparation to be suitable for bathing.

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