Iron Sulphate for Painting

If you want to give a reddish, rusty touch to a wall, we are going to see how to use the iron sulphate for painting. With this method, you can give a special colour to a wall, a staircase or a pond. You will get a very characteristic and special reddish, semi-oxidised effect.

iron sulphate for pint

Iron sulphate is a salt of iron, with the chemical formula FeSO4. Mixed with water, it releases iron ions that will quickly oxidise, generating that characteristic reddish colour.


To use iron sulphate for painting, simply mix the iron sulphate salt in water and apply it to the surface you want to paint. The amount of iron sulphate to be diluted in water depends on the colour you want to achieve. Start by using 10 grams per litre of water and test the colour, and add more if you want a more reddish colour.

The mixture of water and iron sulphate must be applied evenly over the entire surface to be dyed. This way, when the mixture dries, it will turn to the characteristic red colour we want to achieve. It is likely that at first the colour you obtain will be a somewhat orangey colour. This would be due to the excess salt, which would need to be washed off. This is done by rubbing with a brush, the excess of iron sulphate is removed and the desired dyed effect is achieved.

The maintenance of this type of paint should be done every 3 years and the paintwork should be maintained until it is in perfect condition.



Special care should be taken when using ferrous sulphate as it is a corrosive chemical and will stain any garments, clothing and objects that come into contact with it. It is therefore necessary to use protection when dealing with this material.

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